Nirvana Mattresses
$229 - $499
King Single
  • Recommended by chiropractor
  • No fuss, 7 zone pocket spring
  • Full support, medium/firm
  • Available in all sizes

Invest In A Quality Mattresses

It’s well known that getting an adequate amount of sleep is beneficial to your overall health. From improving memory to boosting your immune system, there are a number of benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

A major contributor that can impact your ability to sleep is a mattress, yet its importance is often overlooked. A good quality mattress is about much more than comfort. With the right mattress, you will see a wealth of benefits to your overall health. Some benefits of a good quality mattress include:

Spinal Alignment

A good mattress should be able to support each part of your body equally. Without even weight distribution, you spine will not be correctly aligned.

Reduced Pain

For many people, a bad mattress is a major culprit causing back and joint pain. A quality mattress promotes correct alignment, good posture and pain free sleep.

Stress Less

Good sleep quality can result in reduced stress levels. Regular, deep sleep helps keep your blood pressure low and your mood calm and relaxed.

What Type Of Nirvana Mattress Are You Looking For?

Get in touch today and we’ll help you find a great mattress.

Sunshine Coast Beds Galore promises to have a mattress that is right for you, your budget and your lifestyle! We carry many types and sizes of mattresses so you can rest assured we have the mattress that is right for you.

Due to current health restrictions, we only accept visits by appointment. Make an appointment to visit our showroom in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast.

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Ice Gel
Available in e sizes

  • 5 zone pocket spring system
  • Deep pillow top, soft/medium feel
  • Designer knit fabric, strong side supports

Queen Size - $899

King Size - $999

Resort Luxury
Available in 5 sizes
  • Less partner disturbance
  • Provide support and correct spine alignment
  • Medium/firm


Bed In A Box
Available in 1 sizes

Take it and go!

Full Queen size mattress. Bonnell innerspring, softer feel start point model.

3hrs to fully expand

Available in 2 sizes

This is absolute “Indulgence", 5 Zone pocket Spring. Fully foam encased edge. This deep plush mattress offers total support. Topped with 3 cm layer of Gel foam, then another 3 cm within the top quilting, for that amazing plush feel.

Queen Size - $1100

King Size - $1299

pocket spring
Blue Bamboo Gel
Available in 4 sizes

Love this 5 zone pocket spring. Deep topper of gel infused foam creates a softer feel, without loosing any support. Add soft bamboo knit for another bit of luxury.

King Single Size - $630

Double Size - $699

Queen Size - $799 

King Size - $899

bamboo gel
Purple Haze
Available in 4 sizes

Fabulous 7 zone pocket spring, giving great support. This medium feel mattress is finished off with a soft topper. Great value for money, quality and support without the price tag.

Single Size - $299

King Single Size - $399

Double Size - $470

Queen Size - $499

See Why People Love Deb & John

You Have Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

With so many mattress types, makes and materials to choose from, selecting the right mattress type for you can be a difficult task.

Your sleeping style is the easiest way to determine what mattress you should choose:

  • Plush mattresses are suitable for those that sleep on their back
  • Medium firmness mattresses are suitable for those that sleep on their side
  • Firm mattresses are a good choice for those that sleep on their stomach

Much like choosing a mattress, the softness or firmness of your mattress is best determined by your sleeping style. Both mattress types offer unique benefits that are best enjoyed by pairing it with your sleeping style.

A good mattress is made from high-quality materials, offers a long warranty or life expectancy, and is one that suits your sleeping style, as well as provides you with the best night’s sleep.

At Sunshine Coast Beds Galore, we offer locally-made mattresses in various sizes, and in a variety of styles, ensuring that we can meet the needs of all our customers.

Mattress warranties are a good indication of the life expectancy of a mattress. However, brand and mattress firmness also play a role in how long your mattress will last. As we tend to sleep in the same spot every time, wear usually occurs in those places first.

A soft mattress can help relieve back pain, especially  for those who tend to sleep on their back. However, if you want a mattress to assist with spine alignment, a firm mattress will likely be a better choice.

Pillows are intended to support your head and neck while you sleep, so be sure to keep your shoulders on your bed to avoid improper spine alignment.

Unlike mattresses, pillows are graded according to their supportiveness, and  the right pillow for you will depend on your sleeping style.

  • If you sleep on your side, a thicker pillow is a good choice to ensure you receive enough support to keep your spine straight while you sleep.
  • Less thick pillows are ideal for back sleepers, as less support is required to straighten your spine.
  • Picking a pillow is most difficult for stomach sleepers, as any lift of your head will likely result in an unnaturally bent spine.

Our locally-made mattresses and beds are made from high-quality materials to provide the utmost comfort and restful sleep. We have an in-depth understanding of mattresses and can help you find the most suitable and beneficial one for your sleep requirements.

We also offer exclusive, private access to our showroom, allowing you time and privacy to find the right mattress for you.

Sunshine Coast Beds Galore. About Us.

Beds Galore Sunshine Coast is a locally owned and operated business.  Deb & John have been providing a bespoke service right here on the Sunshine Coast for over 9 years. 

If a bustling showroom isn’t for you, we invite you to try out our beds by booking an exclusive one-on-one appointment to test our beds in the privacy of our peaceful, fully stocked showroom.

We are a local home-based business, with a calm private showroom waiting for you to explore.  As a direct-to-consumer business we can successfully exclude the ‘middle-man’ enabling us to pass those savings on to you.  Book your private appointment and let’s find the perfect bed for your back.

SCBG are a factory-direct, and our vast range of mattresses and bases made exclusively for Beds Galore are manufactured in Brisbane.  Whether its beds for household, resorts or air B&B, we supply quality, value, delivery and good old fashioned service.